FDLE's Statute Table

The FDLE Statute Table is a comprehensive legislative resource containing current and past Florida criminal offenses. It was developed for use in various criminal justice applications in conjunction with the Office of State Courts Administrator, the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Department of Corrections.

The Clerk and Arrest versions of the Florida Statute Tables are updated annually by laws that create, amend, or repeal statutory material. The offenses and violations are listed by Florida statute number.

The Arrest Statute Table used by law enforcement agencies contains only the current arrestable offenses. The Clerk Statute Table used by the Clerks of Court contains the arrestable offenses in addition to statutory history, such as when a statute was repealed or renumbered.

The Changes Only Table contains all additions, deactivations, and corrections made to the Statute Table since its last update.

For more information on the 2023 release of the Statute Table, please refer to the Instructions For Use.

Arrest Statute Table
Clerk Statute Table
Changes Only Table

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Upon your review and use of this table, if you have any questions or determine any additional entries or modifications may be necessary, please contact:

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