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The funds collected when FDLE provides criminal history information to the public are allocated by the Legislature to support criminal information systems for use by law enforcement throughout the state.

There will be a charge of $24 against your credit card for each name search of the Florida criminal history database, regardless of search results. A search may return as many as five possible matches or candidates. If you request the record of more than one candidate, an additional charge of $24 Per Record will be billed to your credit card.

Information Required

The application will first ask for information about you and the credit card that you will use to pay for the services. The purpose for this information is to validate the credit card payment and to allow FDLE to fulfill its requirements for criminal history dissemination.

After submitting your customer information, you will continue to the entry of search criteria. The accuracy of the information you provide is critical to the search results since we search our records based on your submission information.

After submitting the search criteria, you will confirm the information and accept the $24 fee for the search. You will be presented a receipt which you can e-mail and/or print for your convenience. We strongly encourage you keep the receipt for your records in case you experience problems with the Internet service.

Search Results

Search results are returned directly to your browser screen and may be emailed and/or printed for your convenience. Search results will not be sent by regular mail. Review the possible matches individually, by evaluating all of the demographic information that is available. You should begin by looking at the complete name, sex, race, date of birth, SSN and any other identifiers that may be present, such as alias name, additional dates of birth or SSN, height, weight, eye, and hair color. Do not assume that the possible match will always be the first or second candidate.

The Search Results Page displays the possible matches to the search criteria that you have entered. The result of the search could indicate that no record was found on the subject, that a single subject matched the search criteria, or that there were multiple possible matches.

If there was no record found, there is no criminal history on file for the subject (based on the info provided). No additional charges apply beyond the $24 fee. If a single match occurred, the subject's criminal history will be returned. No additional charges apply beyond the $24 fee. If more than one record matched the search criteria, you will be presented with a choice of up to five candidates that matched. You will then select the record(s) you would like to receive. The criminal record for one selected candidate is included in the $24 fee. Should you elect to receive records on more than one candidate, you will be charged an additional $24 for each candidate you select.

When you get to the Select Candidates page, you may select the record(s) you would like to receive by clicking the "Display History" button next to the subject. Only subjects that are selected will be displayed once you click the "Display History" button.


FDLE's criminal history information on the Internet requires a secure connection for all pages. This is done through the use of SSL or secure socket layer. SSL is an industry standard for offering a safe way to pass sensitive information over the Internet. To verify that you have a secure connection, always check for a small padlock on the lower right hand side of your browser.

Also, for security purposes, FDLE does not retain your credit card information, and for that reason you will be required to reenter credit card information for each session.