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If you need CERTIFIED documentation, please do not use this service. You should mail your request to FDLE and indicate that the results require certification. We will certify the results and mail them back to you.

Please see Requesting Criminal Histories from FDLE to obtain the FDLE criminal history request form and mailing information.

Welcome to the FDLE Criminal History Information on the Internet site. FDLE is the central repository of criminal history information for the State of Florida. This site allows you to perform a search of FDLE's Computerized Criminal History (CCH) files which include State of Florida criminal history information only. FDLE's CCH files are continuously updated to provide you with the most current information. The information you receive today, could be outdated tomorrow as additional arrests and related information are added. Sealed information is disseminated only to those agencies authorized by provisions in Section 943.059, F.S. and is not provided by this internet service. Expunged criminal history information is likewise not disseminated.  Juvenile criminal history information, not sealed or expunged, is disseminated only when the subject was taken into custody for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult.

There will be a charge of $24.00 against your credit card for each name search performed, regardless of search results. This Internet service will provide you with a list of possible matches similar to the subject of your inquiry. You must review this list and determine if any of the possible candidates match your subject. If you request the record of more than one candidate, an additional charge of $24.00 Per Record will be billed to your credit card. A search may return as many as five possible matches or candidates. It is also possible your search will result in no possible candidates. The accuracy of the information you provide is critical to the search results since we search our records based on your submission information. This is a search of descriptive information and a positive identification can only be confirmed by fingerprint comparison.

This is a self-service application. You are required to perform the criminal history search and make a determination as to whether your subject matches a criminal history record contained within FDLE's CCH files. Your search results are returned instantly and you may print and/or have your results emailed to you. Your results will not be sent by regular mail.

Please note that certified criminal history results will not be provided to you for searches performed through this Internet site. Certified results are generally required for the purposes of immigration and national/international adoptions. Criminal history requests required for these purposes must be mailed to FDLE for processing.

Falsifying or altering any of the returned information with intent to misrepresent the contents is prohibited by law, and may be punishable as a felony when done with intent to injure or defraud any person.